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In relation to the functions of the regional executive vice president, the socialist stress that "other cock I would sing" if not accompanied Soria their advisers "all" day.

The counselor who "spend more"

Also insisted in relation to the budget that "takes three mistakes in three successive years." In this regard, I emphasize that the foresight must have and if so the "should play.

However, he said if the president fails canary which the Act is also acting in this regard.

The PSOE Canary says "no longer believes in Soria cabildos" Rivero and asks who is the person who negotiates.

The secretary of the Socialist Organization of canaries insisted on the need for the regional Executive "separate relationships with the councils to Mr. Soria", so that these are "assumed by the president of the Canaries Government" because, again, the vice president regional "no longer believes in the councils.&quot,aion kinah; SORIA,

Cruz also critical to executive vice president regional, Jos?? Manuel Soria, for "failing to claim the Territorial Authorities Act" adopted in 2003 which explained fixing the Canarian Government&#39,A_total_of_34_peoplen;s economic distribution over councils and municipalities.

On the other hand, Soria Cruz also criticized for being the counselor that "spending more and more paraphernalia has." He added that this is a charge of Economy: "It is a bad foresight" of budgets and critical that your counseling is a "gariguey" in which senior officials "have been changed by the arrogance of Soria."

See more news here in Las Palmas.

He added that the PP is also president of the Canary Islands, Jose Manuel Soria, "look to their interests, not those of the Canary Islands."

Asked by Cruz Rivero is requesting that he negotiate with the councils, the socialist point out that, because the vice president "often goes free" because it is "in election campaign but focused on management."

"With the bill classified activities, as reflected in the Canary Islands Parliament two days ago, by the mouth of the Presidential adviser,aion kinah kaufen, Mr. Ruan, who evidently does not believe in the councils, wants to regain skills after 20 years exercise in the island councils and also without having a clear plan on how to address this important new law in relation to citizens, "he added.

To the socialist, to what the regional executive said the bill is to &quot,Dismantled_a_major_drug_salesa;regain competence."

In response, the president demanded Cruz Islands, Paulino Rivero, that "respect for a time" to the island councils, "it's okay to constantly claim to any government and councils in the Canaries" are female at a news conference.

He added that with this rule base was set in relation to local government of the Canary Islands, as they "would never receive less money than they had received in 2002." He added that "now Soria want to remove 75 million euros to the councils" and before this, the Government's request that the canary "example" fulfilling the Law

Vice canary "goes free"

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Murcia Almudi Palace hosts an exhibition of sculptures by Jack Dionisio.

It brings together 40 sculptures that cover different periods of his career, from the 70's when she started her artistic career,El_Museo_de_Bellas_Arteso, combining with the dedication to teaching, to the present.

Enlarge photo

Jack works various materials like bronze, stone or marble, among others, creating sculptures, both figurative and abstract and modern, influenced by Manzu,A_score_of_companies_involvedn, Marini and Henry Moore

Jack is professor of the School of Art and Design College of Murcia since 1979 and has taught until 2006. Direct collaborator of sculptors of the size of Mendez, Sanguino,aion kinah, Coullaut-Valera and Cruz Solis, among the prizes have been awarded during his career highlights the Medal of the National Exhibition of Fine Arts of the Ministry of Education and Science.

This is the first solo exhibition in Murcia in 20 years, after which it was organized in 1988 in the Hall of Mirrors at the Teatro Romea. In addition, she has exhibited in Italy and participated in group shows in Madrid,aion kinah for sale, Seville and Cadiz.

See more news here in Murcia.

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Ankh – Battle of the Gods Information about the game on PC

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The third part of the adventure series:

Ankh Battle of the Gods Assil experienced another exciting adventure with a wonderfully dark sense of humor. This time the fight is at the gods, a competition among the Egyptian gods on the absolute supremacy in Egypt, which was already an issue in previous titles. The favorite Seth wants to win at all costs the victory, which would mean the future for mankind to live in fear and terror. To avert this, needs to create Assil again with the gods and prove that he bears the title of guardian of the Ankh and rightly so.

Assil, may he live! Battle of the Gods picks up, have picked up where his successful predecessor.

aion kinah

aion kinah

Operation of the predecessor or reuse of the scenes from the first part, we enter here only new areas. These are nicely decorated and furnished with beautiful effects Aion Kinah.

In a classic point & click adventure is accompanied by rapid re Assil and Thara an adventure. The puzzles are all fairly, although here and there, odd. Only the camera bothers Hakel something About

Here, the deck 13 is simple in its top titles: Known speakers such as Oliver Rohrbeck or Thomas Danneberg set to music, the characters simply great. There are also a subtle, but good soundtrack and matching effects.

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